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Recovery, Writing, Reconnecting & Rediscovery

Well, 2021 is now officially in the books. It was a very difficult year for us, in many ways, but the Lord has been faithful and we have continually seen his hand at work in our lives and ministry. This year ends with 4 new churches planted, 250+ new believers, 75 missionaries trained, and new teammates that were a huge inspiration to us. So, what is in store for us in 2022?


That’s right, our time on the mission field has taken a serious toll on our bodies. We have had multiple sicknesses over the last 5 years but on Dec, 23, 2021, I broke my leg/hip and was evacuated to Kenya for surgery.

The surgery was a huge success, and I am currently working really hard in Physical Therapy to get back to my previous capabilities (or maybe better). I will be in Kenya until late January 2022, then we plan to return to Uganda and finish the last month or so of our term there.

Once I return to the US (March 2022) I plan to continue rehab and begin my workout regime in order to regain some of the function lost over the years and turn around some of the damage done to my body after 20 years in difficult living conditions overseas.


I have committed in 2022 to a 365 day writing challenge. I will be writings something everyday, no breaks, no excuses. Each month will have a different focus. My desire is to polish up a couple of books and get them ready for the publisher in 2022 and get the other ones moving forward. Here is my monthly schedule if you are interested in following my progress and what I am currently writing:

January: Complete first draft of book on the 5 functions from Ephesians 4:11. February: Final Self-edit on “The Forsaken Church” March: Final Self-edit on “Finding Kingdom Community” April: Writing the “Saga of Jerome Black and the Flying V” May: Writing “Field notes: A missionary devotional” June: Compiling/writing more funny missionary stories July: Writing First draft of new book, “Hold Fast” August: Begin writing short story collection: “All along the watchtower and other stories” September: Begin research/writing “Nomad: a God and his people” October: Begin writing “What’s in a Name devotional” November: Begin researching/writing “The deformers” December: Begin writing “A wasted life is worse than death”

If you are interested in any of the monthly projects, send me a message, I would love to share more details with you. I will also continue to write here & on Medium, so you can check me out there if you want to keep up with the latest articles.


As we return to America we will be reconnecting with family, friends and supporting churches. We will likely be traveling throughout the US during the summer of 2022 and would love to see anyone who wants to meet up along the way. We are also available for speaking engagements, if needed. Just reach out to my via email: echelon2011@gmail.com

Discovering next steps:

Since we are leaving Uganda in March, we will be spending the biggest portion of 2022 praying through next steps and seeking the Lords direction for our family and ministry. In the meantime we are starting a small project to support missionaries around the world, It’s called Antioch provisions.

It is a unique way you can show your love to the gospel workers spread around the globe. Our desire is to draw sending churches and missionaries closer and help them develop a more productive relationship. Check out the crowdfunding site and help us get the new project off the ground. We need your help. Antioch Provisions: Connecting churches. Supporting Missionaries

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