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New Series: Christian excuses

The name of my blog is Hard Christian Truths. You are about to find out why. I tackle hard questions about who we are in Christ. We contemplate together if our words match our actions or, even more importantly, the scriptures. It can be uncomfortable. Here is an example.

Jesus comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable.

That's one of the things we love about him. That is, until we find ourselves on the wrong side of the equation. There is that moment while reading a passage or meditating on a verse that we realize, "I'm the Pharisee in the story, not the leper."

We generally like to think of ourselves as the good guy, but sometimes the script doesn't fit. It's then that we have a big decision to make; will we continue to misinterpret Jesus' teaching and stay comfortable, or will we repent and obey.

Jesus does not call us to be our best selves. He commands us to die to ourselves and follow him.

He doesn't lead us into positive self-realization but repentance. If you are not interested in that particular part of the Christian life, then TURN BACK NOW. This will not end well for you.

This week I am starting a new series entitled Christian excuses, and I promise it is going to challenge you. I know this because it challenged me as I was writing it. Our goal here is to root out disobedience and play an active role in our sanctification. Jesus gave us salvation as a gift, but he provides us with a part to play in our sanctification.

There are two ways that we participate in our sanctification.

  1. Opening up our behavior and beliefs to the judgment of the teachings of Christ and the rest of scripture.

  2. Where we are out of line with the scriptures, we repent and allow the Lord to change not only our behaviors but also our motivations. So that, our actions and our hearts line up with His.

So, I challenge you to read these posts. I'm going to post them each Sunday for the next several months. Let's be open and honest about our struggles, post a comment on Facebook, or on the blog. Share your thoughts and your struggles, allow this community to encourage you on this path; it is a narrow path, after all, and we need all the help we can get.

Start here:

Christian Excuses: It's not my gifting.

Christian Excuses: It's Natural

Christian Excuses: There are lost people here in America

Christian Excuses: They will just use it for drugs


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