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Christian Excuses: It's Natural

Don’t cheat on your wife, and don’t sleep with someone else’s lady. That’s easy enough, right? Well, Jesus said that it wasn’t as simple as obeying rules and refraining from the physical act. In fact, his exact words were, “Everyone who looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”

The critical point here is that Jesus is more concerned with our hearts than with our actions. That is not to say that our sinful acts don’t matter, but Jesus knew that all of these behaviors start first in the heart and mind, and they move their way slowly to the physical body.

When we find ourselves indulging in sexually explicit thoughts for someone who is not our spouse we start down a dangerous path. When we seek out pornographic images or even erotic literature, we are in direct disobedience of this teaching. We say it’s natural. God gave us these desires. Both statements are true, but God also gave us boundaries.

Jesus told us to run from things that would cause our mind to revel in lust. He said that “if our eye causes us to sin that we are to pluck it out and throw it away.” It seems like Jesus takes our mental purity very seriously.

Jesus is not a buzzkill.

He is protecting us from a slippery slope that leads to disaster, broken families, addiction, and a deviation from God’s plan for us.

Jesus’ solution (pluck your eye out and throw it away) seems pretty radical. He obviously did that to make a strong point about how serious this issue was, but there is another alternative that is less bloody but has the same results.

Instead of removing your eye, maybe you should remove the objects that are causing your thoughts to move in that direction. Don’t watch movies and shows that expose your eyes to images that lead you to lust. Don’t read books that cause your desires to flare up in an immoral way.

The world will laugh at you as you divert your eyes and you are uninformed about the latest trends. They will see these as crazy, fundamentalist rules, but remember we are supposed to be set apart from the world, not like it. We want to avoid the sicknesses that are infecting our homes and families. Remember, conforming to a sick society puts you in imminent danger of becoming sick yourself.

So, you faithfully go to church on Sunday. Maybe you teach a Sunday School class, or perhaps you even find yourself behind the pulpit every Sunday morning. Maybe you are a missionary sharing the gospel in a foreign land. That’s great! But if sexual fantasies dominate your imagination and you dwell on impure thoughts in the privacy of your mind, then you are in gross disobedience of this Hard Christian Truth.

It may be natural, but it is not Godly.

It is not walking in the spirit but in the Flesh.

It is indulging in the fallen nature rather than the risen one.

But remember you have died to that life and been resurrected into a new life in Christ. So,


and live a life worthy of your calling in Christ Jesus.

Be honest with yourself, where do you stand with this difficult teaching?

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