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Lessons from Refugees: Dependant but hospitible

The first time I visited a refugee camp I met a man named Garing. He is an older man with many children.

He is a refugee from Darfur.

He was also a Christian.

His story was one of grace and abundance in the midst of hardship and struggle. It was humbling to hear what they have passed through and yet they still had a profound appreciation for Gods provision. Their actions have deeply affected me, I wanted to share that with you as well.

As I sat with Garing and heard his story, I began to ask what his needs were. They told me of a lack of water, not having enough food to last more than two weeks a month. Having one temporary shelter made of mud sticks and a UNHCR tarp that had holes in it.

Garing's home in Rhino Settlement

Then, as I was sitting there listening to their needs his daughter brought me a cup of tea with sugar. I felt unsure of what I was supposed to do, I knew Garing had very little, and I did not want to be any further burden on him.

Soon after tea, his wife had prepared for us a simple meal using the few provisions that they had. `Garing saw the struggle on my face and the tear about to fall down my cheek and he said, “My brother, you eat. Our God will provide what we need.”

I have spent a lot of time with Garing since that first encounter, and I have been continually inspired by his trust of God in a seemingly impossible situation.

I have also learned from him that our Hospitality should not be measured by what you have and can easily give to others but rather How big your God is to provide.

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