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It’s Monday: Do you still believe He is Risen?

What now? The disciples had just witnessed the greatest moments in history. They had seen the Risen Christ but now they had to decide what they would do with that information and so do you.

For the disciples it changed everything. The same guys who were hiding in the shadows just days ago would soon be seen publicly proclaiming Jesus as the Messiah. Those who were afraid were now unashamed. In fact, all of the disciples suffered greatly for the name of Jesus and all but one died a violent death as a testimony to their belief. But what about you?

Does the knowledge of Jesus’ death and resurrection change you beyond just the forgiveness of your sins?

Do the things you celebrated yesterday, compel you to take action today?

Are you telling people of your risen savior or did you just go back to work?

Are you meeting the needs of those who are hurting or are you chasing the American dream?

Take a listen to this song by Matt Papa and Ask yourself: “Do I really believe?”

If you are looking for a way to plug in and make a difference overseas. The Borderlands team is reaching out to 1.3 million Refugees in Northern Uganda, seeking to meet their physical and spiritual needs in the name of Jesus. There is a place for you whether short term or long term. Reach out and show them that you truly believe.

Borderlands Facebook Group

Borderlands website

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