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"Remember that you will die."

I often get asked why/how a Christian can have a skull tattoo. I guess these days skulls are associated with Heavy Metal & all things "satanic, " but Long before Megadeth began snarling lyrics over power chords Memento Mori images were a mainstay of Christian art.

Skeletons and Skulls,

representations of death,

used to remind us that life is short.

All men are equal in one way,

we all will die.

For Christians, there is no fear in Death, but as we consider our eventual demise, it causes us to think about the eternal. To judge if our life is focused on the temporal things that do not matter or if you are living life for the things that will endure forever. You have one shot, don't waste it!

December's Tattoo of the Month: Memento Mori done at Tattoo Frequency in Latvia. I believe based on the other work in his portfolio that this piece was done by Janis Svars, but I can't be 100% sure. It is an amazing piece done by a very talented artist.


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