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What is your Spiritual Soundtrack?

Recently, I was spending time in the Word & preparing to teach. I like to listen to music when I study, but I decided to mix it up a bit and go old school. PETRA!

Suddenly I was back in high school, rocking a sweet mullet with stripes shaved on the side. I know it's terrible. You are allowed to laugh. But my teenage years were some of the most spiritually productive times in my life. I had just decided to stop fooling around and give my life fully over to Jesus, to follow Him with all my heart and strength.

I was alive for the first time. I was sharing my faith, seeing my friends saved, I was hearing from Him everyday, God's word was alive. It was an awesome time and killer memories.

When I heard the first guitar lick from the first Petra song and I began listening to the words, I suddenly reminded of the profound lessons I had learned, I remembered the victories he gave me in my life. I thought of the people that first discipled me. It was an amazing walk down memory lane.

So, I kept going, listening to more and more. It was an incredible time of worship and an exercise in thanksgiving specifically for the mighty works the Lord has accomplished in my life over the years. He has been so faithful to me.

I highly recommend taking a walk back to the first time you fell in love with Jesus. What is your spiritual soundtrack? Here is some of mine:

Petra: More Power to ya & not of this world

Stavesacre: Friction

One Bad Pig: I scream Sunday

Bride: Snakes in the playground

S.F.C. A Saved Man & Phase III

Deliverance: Deliverance & Weapons of our Warfare

Tourniquet: Vanishing Lessons

IDOL King: Explosion 2000

Whitecross: Hammer & Nail

There are many more but this is just a taste: my musical preferences may change but these memories are burned into my mind forever and worth remembering. What is your Spiritual Soundtrack?

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