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On the road again...

I wanted to let all of my readers know that I will be hitting the road for the next week. So, My writing will be coming at a slower pace. But, I have good news, I have been compiling some of my writings over the past few years and will soon be putting out some of these writings in a hard copy format. First, I will be sending a short e-book to all of my subscribers and I will be doing a promotion for new subscribers as well. This e-book will be ready soon and I will get the word out there within the next week or so. There may be other goodies coming soon as well. Stay tuned.

Also, on the list of things in the works is are books on:

- church: Organic Church Planting and Practices

- Five Functions of the Church & Spiritual Gifts: What is the fivefold ministry and how was it meant to work within the church

- Hold Fast: the things in scripture we are commanded to cling to

- Nomad: A God and His People: investigating the Nomadic nature of our God and what that means to us, His people.

I would like to hear your input on the books you are most interested in. So I can speed them along. So, if you would please comment below with your preferences and your thoughts.

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