57 Things Every Father Should Teach His Son

Most men imagine God to be somehow like their dad. It is the most natural association. They help us to envision how God might be because we have a living breathing example that we see and interact with every day.

That is a pretty intimidating responsibility for any father, and though we are not capable of being an exact reflection of God, We should do our very best. We have seen how damaging an abusive or absent father can be to a boy's psyche, not to mention his view of God.

In the age of #metoo & Toxic Masculinity, it is essential for us to evaluate what we are teaching our sons to be.

I do believe that Toxic masculinity exists, but I think that it originated from the very people who are now speaking out against it. The entertainment industry has glamorized the objection of women for 40+ years, and America is now reaping what we have sown. Every man you see or hear about on Netflix, Movies, and even in music is either hyper-masculine or emasculated. There are no balanced Masculine examples, only extremes. It is all so confusing and philosophically inconsistent. Maybe I will write a post about that sometime soon.

Our Goal as Christian men is to train our sons in Biblical Manhood. The keyword here is biblical. Though all the things in this List are not "biblical" per se, they fall under some major categories of things that We Christians hold as core values for men.

Namely, We should love God & love our neighbor.

We should love creation, but we are also not to fear it but subdue it.

We should protect those who are unable to defend themselves.

We are also supposed to live an abundant life full of diverse experiences and challenges to conquer.

What follows is a fun list of suggestions. Some of the listed activities I learned from my dad, others I am teaching my sons, still others I am learning so that someday I can show my boys. I would love to hear your thoughts on my List and any additions you might make.

Every father should teach his son to:

1. Speak to his Creator

2. Change a tire

3. Change his oil

4. Shave

5. Drive a stick

6. Swing an ax

7. Catch a baseball

8. Throw a football

9. Drive a nail

10. Do his taxes

11. Treat a woman properly

12. Defend himself

13. Back a trailer

14. Parallel park

15. Shoot a gun

16. Sharpen a knife

17. Bait a hook

18. Start a fire

19. Conquer your fears

20. Tie a tie

21. Tie these 8 knots (overhand, half-hitch, square knot, sheet bend, figure 8, slipknot, noose, bowline)

22. Use ratchet straps

23. Mow the grass

24. Make an apology

25. Hunt & fish

26. Grow your food

27. Ride a motorcycle

28. Crap in the woods

29. Play Rock, Paper, scissors

30. Thumb wrestle

31. Manage your bank account

32. Make a large purchase

33. Eat chicken wings without looking like a toddler

34. Make Long term investments

35. Own your own mistakes

36. Cook

37. Skin a deer

38. Clean a fish

39. Throw a punch

40. Measure twice cut once

41. Sleep outdoors

42. Say I love you

43. Smoke meat

44. Maintain situational awareness in public places

45. De-escalate a tense/dangerous situation

46. Respect his mother

47. Treat elders with honor

48. Butcher an animal

49. Rebuild a small engine

50. Season cast iron cookware

51. Weld

52. Unclog a toilet

53. Clean a gun

54. Cook over an open fire

55. Identify poison ivy, poison oak, and stinging nettles

56. Sight a gun

57. Make a cup of coffee

Don't be discouraged or overwhelmed if you don't know how to do all of these things. Pick the ones you feel are most relevant and start there, then fill in the gaps in your own skill sets and pass it on to your boy. Good Luck!

Don't forget to share what you would add to the List?

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