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6 things to look for in a Christian mentor

I have found that lately there are many people who are interested in being mentored. However, not everyone is fit for the job. Some people do not have the experience or ability others don’t have the time or energy. Here are some pointers in finding a good mentor that will help you as you grow in your faith.

  1. They talk about Jesus….a lot. Ultimately you don’t want to become like your mentor, you want for them to help you become more like Jesus. In order for this to happen you need to find someone who is in love with Jesus and their relationship with him guides their daily actions and character.

  2. They have an awesome spouse: Often people seem like a great mentor on the outside but if their family life does not reflect the same leadership, you might want to think again. It is easy to lead in public, but if they are not leading their spouse and family then they will likely disappoint you.

  3. They value Loyalty: How do they talk about others? Do your best to find a mentor who values loyalty and refuses to speak poorly about those he leads or mentors. If someone is willing to talk bad about others they will do the same with you.

  4. They draw from many wells: Find someone who has many influences. If they are deeply involved in only one persons ministry or teaching it will limit your growth. If someone is heavily influenced by John Piper for instance but does not have other influences, the depth of your apprenticeship will be limited.

  5. Quick response time: Many people say they are interested in mentoring, but when the realities and demands of mentoring hit them they really don’t have the time to fulfill the responsibility. If you call them and/or write them and they do not pick up or respond in a very timely manner, it is likely that they do not have the time to invest right now, find someone else if you can.

  6. They do one-on-one: Mentoring groups can be a fulfilling experience. However, you want someone who is willing to do one-on-one as well. There are just some things that need to be dealt with in private.

The only thing I really require from those I mentor is reciprocation. Pass it on, mentor others. As you grow you will need new mentors and new apprentices. Strive to develop the practice of always having a mentor and an apprentice in your life and develop a culture of mentorship in our ministry or church.

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