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5 things to cultivate in your life if you want to be a good mentor

I usually recommend only mentored people to be mentors. But these days there are less and less people who have been mentored. So here are some practices I would recommend you develop in yourself as you begin to mentor others. It will help both you and your apprentice to have a more positive experience.

  1. Personal Follow-up: make yourself available and take the time to sit down and have a conversation. If you talk about something important, be sure to follow up and see how they are doing and what progress they are making. This one thing can really make or break a mentorship relationship especially in the beginning.

  2. Sharing things that inspire you: If you read or listen to something that impacts you, send a link to the ones you are mentoring. Buy them a book or an album, then take the time to discuss it together.

  3. Invest in people that are different than you: Our tendency is to surround ourselves with people who are like us but try to find an apprentice that is very different than you. It will amplify the things that they learn and it will also allow you to learn more during the process as their perspective challenges you as well.

  4. Practice clear and bold communication: You can’t beat around the bush when mentoring. You have to address issues and do it in a loving way. Be sure that you are communicating clearly as well. Think through your words, write them out if necessary. Do whatever it takes to communicate clearly.

  5. Pray for them and your relationship: If you are willing to commit to mentoring someone you must also commit to praying for them and devoting your relationship to the Lord. Ask him to draw you both closer to Him in the process of this mentorship.

I hope this helps you on your journey, please comment with other helpful hints if you have them.

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