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20 Resources for your Mentorship Journey

Letters to an Apprentice will be launching on April 7, that's tomorrow!

For the last few months leading up to the book launch I have been posting a #mentorshipmonday blog post.

All of the following posts are supplemental information that will help you go beyond the book's information. I wanted to compile all of these posts into one easy place for you to access them.

If you were looking to solve a specific problem, try here first. If you don't find an answer, write me an email.

Curated Topics

Mentorship For better or for worse: What happens when your mentors disappoint you?

How COVID-19 Exposed Americas greatest weakness: A Spiritual inventory, do I just eat fruit or do I produce fruit?

Jesus did not come only to die: What did Jesus think about Mentorship?

Why most people will never be great at mentorship: What does it cost you to become a good mentor?

How Generation X will save the world: How can we bridge the generation gap?

The Cup and the funnel: A Modern day parable: Who to spend your biggest investment in.

Can you pass the mentorship test?: Where are you on the mentorship Journey?

Stories & scars: How to recognize a fraud from the real deal

Bring the Pain: How to know which mentor is right for you

Losing Giants: Learning to fill the shoes of the giants who have passed on.

Waging Spiritual War: Starting with sanctification


5 Modern Mentorship methods that don’t work

3 ways social media destroyed Mentorship without us noticing

27 Amazing Mentorship quotes

8 ways to make the best of your mentorship

5 things to cultivate in your life if you want to be a good mentor

57 things every father should teach his son

8 mentorship secrets to help you avoid checked boxes and forced relationships

3 reasons most mentorships fail and how to avoid them

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