Sample audio files of teaching engagements

I have made these available to give a broader understanding of who I am and what is Important to me. The Gospel of Jesus Christ changed me completely and in these messages, you might get a glimpse as to why. 


I prefer longer teaching opportunities, where we can dig deeper and address a topic or passage of scripture with a focus not only on understanding but also looking for practical application. 


Most of my teaching engagements right now are on the continent of Africa as this is where we are currently stationed. However, we will be back in the US for 2022. So, you can schedule in advance. I am also available to travel. 


I am willing to travel to the US for teaching under certain circumstances, but there are some limitations.


take up
SWO-Missions conference
Take up your cross - J Taliaferro
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light in the
SWO-Missions conference '17
Light in the Darkness - J Taliaferro
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